“Thank you! These are two simple words which I often use to convey appreciation. However, given my current situation, they are so inadequate in expressing my gratitude to you for everything you have done to help me.”

“You have helped me change my life.”

“I have made some poor decisions in the past. Some of these decisions altered the path my life was taking. I am now headed 180 degrees in the opposite direction and I feel great!”

“I don’t know if it’s anything words can describe, but from a parent’s perspective, I feel extreme gratitude, HOPE, and appreciation.”

“This scholarship is letting me establish the solid foundation I need in my life to keep moving in a positive direction. Our (sober living) home surrounds me with people who are also succeeding in overcoming similar challenges. This environment is incredibly helpful to me. I am developing a confidence that I not only can do this, but that I will do this.”

“The camaraderie and mutual support we enjoy at the Sober Home is fantastic. I have friends at the home who are experiencing the same challenges I am working through. Just knowing I have a support group to look to is an incredible benefit for me. “

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